Details of Course offered with approval intake: (2021 - 22)




Internal Assessment

The mark in each theory paper shall be distributed as follows.
  1. Each course paper shall be of 100 marks. For evaluation, the overall structure of the distribution of marks in end semester examination shall be such that 30 Marks shall be allotted to InternalAssessments during the semester.
  2. while 70 Marks shall be allotted for the End Semester Examinations. For Theory and Practical.
1.2 Internal Assessment The distribution of the marks for the Internal Assessment is given below:
1. Internal Assessment 30 Marks
2. Mid-Semester test 15 marks
3. Written Assignment/Moot court exercise 10 marks (5 marks for Written Assignment
& 5 marks for oral presentation)
4. Attendance 5 marks
1.3 The mid-semester examination shall consist of two questions from first two Units and the candidate is required to answer one question carrying 15 marks.
1.4 The distribution of marks for the attendance is given below:
1.4.1 Attendance Marks allotted
76%-80% - 2 Marks
81%-85% - 3 Marks
86%-90% - 4 Marks
91% above - 5 Marks
1.4.2 Where a candidate fails to take examinations in any one of more subjects or has failed to secure the
minimum pass marks in one or more papers or in aggregate, her/his internal assessment marks shall
be carried forward to the subsequent examinations.
1.4.3 In case, any candidate fails to secure 50 percent marks in the internal assessment, she/he shall appear
in the next respective semester (even with even or odd with odd i.e., first, third, fifth seventh and
ninth/ second fourth, sixth, eight and tenth.)

End Semester Examination and evaluation for 70 Marks.

The Controller of Examinations,
shall notify the examination schedule on completion of courses.
1.4.5 The question paper will have five questions.
Question 1 is compulsory and shall have four short
questions from all the four Units and each question carries 3.5 marks.
The paper setter is required to set eight questions with two questions from each Unit i.e. Unit I to Unit IV.
The candidate shall have to attempt four questions, selecting one question from each Unit. Each question carries 14 Marks.

Practical Courses

  1. For the practical courses, i.e., Alternative Dispute Resolution; Professional Ethics; Drafting, Pleading
    and Conveyancing the distribution of marks for the examination shall be as follows:
  2. End semester - 48 marks
    Mid-semester - 7 marks
    Attendance - 5 marks
    Practical - 40 marks (20 marks for written assignment and 20 marks for Viva-voce).

Academic Calendar

Commencement of academic year and Annual examinations

  1. Teaching for all academic session shall ordinarily be held during July to April and all annual examinations shall ordinarily be held during April/ May.
  2. Hours of teaching, time devoted for theory paper carrying 100 marks shall be 4 period / week.
  3. A candidate shall be allowed to carry not more than 3 three theory papers as back / repeat in each year which he / she will have to clear within the next two yeas. Further, the candidate may be allowed to improve his / her performance in not more than 4 theory papers after completion of BBA to be availed once in two subsequent examinations.
  4. There shall be three internal examinations for each theory papers in each year for each annual examination.